my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard®
Euro Card

  • Exchange Pounds to Euros online and withdraw cash abroad using a MasterCard prepaid card.
  • Designed to be a cheap and safe alternative to using your normal credit or debit card abroad.
  • Discount internet exchange rates mean that you could save about £30 for every £500 changed.
my Travel Cash prepaid Euro MasterCard

Save £30 for every £500 changed

Compared to changing money at the airport*


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  • Order online in less than 5 minutes
  • Minimum opening balance €10
  • Card delivered in 5-10 days

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  • No Commission.
  • Discount internet exchange rates.
  • No hidden charges.

Withdraw Cash When You Land

  • At the airport, or any ATM that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Or use it like a debit card in shops and restaurants.

I love my Travel Cash Euro card because…

It’s like I get an exclusive 5-10% discount on everything…

People who are not careful with their money can pay 5-10% extra in commission and charges when they change their Pounds to Euros.

Because I am clever with my money, everything I buy in Europe costs me 5-10% less than it costs others.

Drinks, meals, excursions, presents and anything else that can be paid for with a MasterCard®.

I get a great deal with a my Travel Cash Card…

I didn’t know my credit card charged me interest on cash withdrawals abroad, plus £3.00 per withdrawal, plus 2.75%. So taking £200 out abroad used to cost me about £11.00 in commission and charges. The equivalent cost on my Euro card is £5.20 (taking everything into account ).

I like to have cash when I land…

Almost all international airports in Europe have an ATM in the Arrivals hall, it’s the first place I go when I come out through Customs. I can always get more cash later from an ATM in the hotel or in town. Or I can use the card like a debit card, spending directly from my Euro account.

I am tired of having my other cards rejected when I am abroad…

I am tired of having my other cards rejected when I am abroad. When I tried to use my bank card skiing they blocked it until I called them to confirm that it was me. Luckily I could borrow from friends until I sorted it out the next morning. My Euro card is designed to work abroad. Now I am confident I can get hold of my cash when I need it.

I feel confident that my money is safe…

I don’t have to carry large amounts of cash, instead I withdraw money when I need it, or spend directly from the card. If the card is lost/stolen I have to report it immediately to prevent any fraudulent use on the card. But, at least I know that it is protected by Chip and PIN until it's reported. There is a 24/7 lost and stolen number; and they can refund the balance or transfer it to a replacement card. There is even the option to carry a backup card, for an extra £5.

A fantastic exchange rate

Daily Mail

my Travel Cash saved me money on my gap year and gave my parents peace of mind, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone travelling abroad

Jack Turner
Gap year traveller

Having been in the holiday industry for over 20 years, my Travel Cash is the perfect way for people to take money on holiday with them. I thoroughly recommend it to all my customers.

Steve Endacott
CEO, On Holiday Group

I feel a lot safer not carrying cash abroad and it’s great value.

Mr Fergusson
Takes his card on cruises in the Med

0% Commission and no hidden charges

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