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Roar's new affiliate program will pay you an incredible $0.02 for every click on one of our unique banners. It is free to join and we provide full online statistical data.
So if you have a web site or you are thinking about building your own web site, Roar wants to advertise on it!

We offer:

" Independent tracking of impressions and clicks by Dark Blue Sea Pty Ltd (who are also responsible for issuing checks).

" You get credit for every unique click - unlike many other affiliate programs who only pay you if they make a sale, Roar pays per click so you no longer have to worry about the sale at the other end.

" Checks issued every month* - whereas many competitors' programs pay quarterly or not at all.

" Checks issued within 30 days of the end of each pay period* - competitors' programs pay you up to 60 days after you reach the minimum payout.

" *Low minimum payout before checks are issued* (earn just $25 to get a check - configurable to a higher amount if you want).

" If your check totals over $5,000 we can arrange alternate payment and delivery methods at no extra cost to you!

" Free Content for your site: Banners, Buttons, Boxes.

" Free E-mail Support: We are happy to answer questions from affiliates, as we have a 24 hour a day customer support team.

" Coming Soon: Multi Level 'refer a friend' program. Receive 2.5% of any money your referrals make, 1.5% for their referral, 1% of those members referrals and 0.5% of your fourth level referrals. So as you can see it does not take much to have a large sales team working and making money for you!

Click Here to sign up and start making money today!

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