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I just may have the Home Business for you - please check my website for links to a few Home Businesses that are Fun, Easy and VERY Profitable!

Automatic Money Machine


We just launched this week! This payplan is like nothing you've ever seen before! Can't recruit? We've solved that problem for you with an exciting new "feeder" program designed to help get you qualified FAST to receive your $500 payments over and over and over again!


Click here: http://www.ammteam.com/index.htm






GibLink - the time to get in is now!


What if you had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google?


My friend Sheryl Just made $500 without doing a thing! I made $50 so far and I just joined! This HOT new opportunity is burning up the internet - This is the time to get in!


SO HUGE, NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND due to a straight line compensation program.


GIBLINK is a social network like Facebook or MySpace for business minded people. The pay structure is a definite first in the business where everybody makes money regardless if they sponsor anybody or not. How is this possible? A unique straight line system so that everybody helps everybody, no matter who sponsored them in. Anytime 5 people come in, anywhere in the world, to the one line structure, the person on the top cycles and then re-enters at the bottom.


Basically, everyone takes their turn getting paid, but are also automatically re-entered into the next highest level each time too. It doubles every cycle, starting at $50, then $100, $200, $400, etc.


Timing is of the essence. Don't get me wrong, this program will be amazing no matter when you join, simply because every 3 months everyone re-enters to keep it all moving. Imagine, there are 10,000 positions in the line and then in 90 days, everyone automatically re-enters so that 10,000 more spots come in to propel those again just to give everyone an extra boost. (happens automatically).


I'd like to see you get in before the masses and take advantage of that 1st wave! Join at the $150 level and you are fully qualified - you won't need to recruit!!







Diamond Cash Club




$14,000 Cash or Diamonds or BOTH!


My business partner just earned her THIRD $8,000 in the Diamond Cash Club recently! That's $24,000 that she has earned in less than 4 months! Could you use that kind of money? Sure you can!


There's no catch here, this is for real. You will be hearing about this more and if you don't get in now you will wish you did! By the way, the first time you cash out you get $14,000 - not $8,000.




See what others are saying - click the Diamond Cash Club "PhoenixRising Team Build" thread and read about "iluvtigers" : www.opfmhome.com


Click here for more info:





This program works on a team effort where everyone gets pushed through the targets. There is no incentive to have more than two referrals (you can purchase them yourself). Anything over two is spillage which goes to the next member in your downline. 





DAILY Compound Interest On Your Investment!


Invest $1000 - set it on 100% compound for 150 business days and guess what it will be worth then..........are you ready for this.........$184,908.37! This is NO joke my friends, check out the compounding calculator yourself at my website:

 This will BLOW YOUR MIND!




Here's an example of the message I receive each day in my email on my smaller investment:


Dear Member,
This email is to inform you that you have received a new daily interest payment.
The details of the transaction:
Date: Nov 19, 2007
Account Principal: $1695.48
Interest Rate: 3.40%
Extra Daily Rate (Only when progressive compounding option is used) - 1.50%
Total Interest Amount: $57.65
Amount Added to Available Balance (both e-gold and e-bullion): $0.00
Amount Added to Available Balance E-gold: $0.00
Amount Added to Available Balance E-bullion: $0.00
Amount Compounded: $57.65
Current Compounding Rate: 100%
Progressive Compounding Status: Enabled
Number of business days you have enabled progressive compounding for: 150
Number of days elapsed: 70
Number of days remaining: 80
New Account Principal: $1753.13

I have also just recently added a new investment site to my portfolio that comes VERY highly recommended and offers extremly lucrative rates:









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