Why Should I Have One?

Saves you money

The MyTravelCash Prepaid MasterCard® offers market leading exchange rates with no commission. The card is loaded in Euros or US Dollars, and since each transaction is in the local currency you can avoid multiple foreign transaction fees for using your debit or credit card. We make the exchange rate clear and simple to understand; there are no hidden or delayed costs.


Your MyTravelCash Card is accepted globally anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Cards are far more convenient than travellers' cheques, no need to queue at the airport - just load before you go.

Safe alternative to cash

If you lose your card simply contact us and we will cancel your card to make sure your money is safe. We can also send you a replacement card. Our cards are Chip and PIN protected for your security.

Protects you from theft and fraud.

There is no risk from fraudsters gaining access to your credit facilities or bank accounts via the MyTravelCash Card.

Helps you budget

In an unfamiliar currency it's often hard to monitor your budget, but a MyTravelCash Card can help you set up a budget and stick to it. You can track your spending and balance information online, by phone and via SMS.

Keeps you Safe

  • " Safe alternative to carrying cash
  • " Chip and PIN protected against fraud