(Surfing, in a nutshell, is purchasing advertising and getting paid a set percentage of your purchase when you surf a set amount of websites each day - usually 15. Your website is put into a rotation just like everyone elses and is viewed as other members who surf. Each website is viewed usually 15 seconds then you click a "next" button and it goes to the next website and so on.)



Take out a membership - this is free. However most surf admins will delete your account after one month if you are still in "free" status. This is a business and members need to purchse advertising for their websites.


Decide what you want to invest (purchase in adpacks), this is usually called an upgrade or member level. In the surfing industry we do not refer to purchasing adpacks or upgrading as an investment - it is purchasing advertising.


Paid To Surf programs pay you for viewing websites. You just log in via your browser and click 'start surfing'. Every 15 seconds or so a new web page appears until you have viewed the required number, which takes less than 15 minutes.


 Each day that you view the required number of websites, you earn a percentage of your member level or upgrades. The higher your member level (upgrade), the more you earn for viewing websites.


 Programs are free to join but you must upgrade to earn. To earn faster, you upgrade your member level at any time depending how many upgrades you are allowed to have at that surf site going at one time. You also earn a percentage of your referral's upgrades as well. 


You must keep in mind too, that when your ad package expires, your balance goes back to zero so you must keep your initial investment in there at all times. Some may have difficulty with this because it usually takes up to 7 business days to get paid your earnings. However, a lot of the surf sites now have options where you can request immediate payment by paying a 10% fee or if you want it in 48 hours it may only be a 5% fee. Most say if you can wait the 7 business days then there is no fee.




That is a very good question and the answer varies from program to program. The answer is directly tied to each programs' business model. Here are some of the different types of auto surf business models being utilized today:


1) The autosurf program is the center around which other business ventures and/or revenue streams are created. A portion of member upgrades are used to fund the new ventures or setup the new revenue streams which in turn will support member payouts in the future. A similar model is to start an autosurf program to attract attention

and new customers to an existing business.


2) The autosurf program, while a traffic exchange at its roots, reinvests upgraded funds within various online and/or offline markets. Examples include forex trading, stock market trading, high yield investments, and re-upgrading within other autosurf programs. Any combination of these investment techniques can work, in fact some programs rely on just one investment method to support payouts. The key for a program of this nature(and really all programs) is to have the proper controls in place regarding daily earning percentage, expiration terms, compounding, and cashouts.


3) The autosurf program uses a combination of #1 and #2 listed above. A program may be reinvesting upgraded money and using the extra returns to fund new ventures to be used in conjunction with the autosurf program. A program that is concentrating more on building new business ventures and very little on reinvesting might still take a small portion of member upgrades and add it to a reserve fund in case of emergency. That reserve fund can be allowed to grow over time in a safe place or market.


4) The autosurf program simply pools member upgrades to be used for payouts the next month. There is no reinvesting. There are no outside revenue streams supporting the program. Beware of this type of program as it is ponzi-like in nature and always ends up failing leaving the last members in without money.


You must always be careful as many surf sites do run as "ponzis". I like to keep up with the current surfing news by reading various surfing forums and monitors. I have a list of them at my website: MyTravelCash.com  


Now to go back to #4 above. So far I've painted a pretty clean picture of this industry. You're probably thinking, man this business sounds like a piece of cake. Well now is the time where I'm going to give you some warnings. I'm not trying to scare you off with what I'm going to tell you, I just want to be up front with you so you fully understand what you're getting into.


I estimate there are about 300 active paid autosurf programs right now. I also estimate that 80% of them have a business plan that very closely mimics #4 above. A portion of that 80% are scams setup to take in money and never pay out a cent or perhaps payout for a couple months to attract larger upgrades and then close up shop with the money. This is reality and something that must be taken into consideration when developing a long-term paid autosurfing plan.


The other 20% of programs are using business models #1, #2, and #3 above. These are the programs we want to be in. These are the ones that make this business profitable for members. The trick is to find these programs. As you can imagine research and diversification are both critical for month-to-month success.


*** To be successful in this industry, you MUST treat this like a serious business and stay ontop of the news and updates at all times by visiting and participating forums ***

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