Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® be used?

You can use your my Travel Cash Card wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed, including shops, bars, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, online, over the telephone or at ATM machines.

How do I apply for the my Travel Cash Travel Card?

Click the 'Apply Now' button and follow our step by step guide - it will only take a few minutes. We will utilise databases to verify your identity details before producing your card(s), but we do not carry out any credit checks. We may need to ask you to provide us with a copy of your passport or identity card to confirm your details.

How do I apply for additional cards i.e. family members or travelling companions?

During your application, simply choose to add an additional card and enter the requested details. There is a small fee per additional card (please refer to the costs page). An additional card is also useful if you loose your card, as we can transfer the funds to this card after your original card has been blocked.

What happens if I have choosen to pay by standard bank transfer?

You are welcome to pay by standard bank transfer, but the process will take longer and unfortunately we cannot guarantee the exact exchange rate until we receive your payment.
After confirming your order we will show you the total amount to pay in Pounds, and the details of the bank account into which to pay this amount.
As we cannot be sure when we will receive the payment, we will complete the transaction and apply the exchange rate on the day we receive your payment. The exact amount of currency loaded on to your card may therefore vary due to exchange rate changes, but we will always apply our standard competitive rate available on our website at the time.
We will send you an email confirming all the purchase details after we receive your payment.

When will I get my card?

Following your completed application and payment, your my Travel Cash Card will be sent to you within 5 - 10 working days.

How do I get my PIN?

For security reasons your four digit card PIN used to perform card transactions will never be issued with your card. To get your PIN please call us using the number provided in the letter accompanying your card. Please note that your card PIN is different from the six digit passcode that you use to identify yourself with us. We will never ask you for your PIN.

If you find your PIN hard to remember you can change it at most ATM's by simply selecting the "Pin Services" option. Avoid choosing popular or obvious number sequences, or any sequences that could be easily connected to you.

What should I do when I receive my card?

Sign your card immediately, and then follow the instructions in the letter accompanying it to activate your card and obtain your PIN. After this your card is then ready to use.

Can I load more funds if I need them?

Absolutely, you can add more funds to your card once you receive it by logging in and by clicking the "Load Funds" button on our website. Simply follow the simple instructions. Load limits may apply, see Terms and Conditions

Once loaded, how long before I can access my funds?

Generally funds will be available within two hours after we receive your payment for all methods except standard bank transfers. Standard bank transfers can vary between 1 to 3 working days from when you make the payment to us.

How do I track my transactions, balance and available to spend amount?

Using our website or SMS text service you can easily keep track of your spending and that of the additional cardholders.

For SMS card balance Text CARD BAL to 60777 (or to +44 7786 200690)
For SMS recent transactions Text CARD TRX to 60777 (or to +44 7786 200690)
Customer Services Call 0845 867 6496 (or +44 20 3355 0134 from outside the UK)

For more information and fees see Terms and Conditions

When using the my Travel Cash Card abroad what should I do if I'm asked if I want to pay in GB Pounds?

When using your card abroad you may be offered the option to pay in GB Pounds; this is because the merchant's terminal or ATM recognizes that you have a UK card. The funds on your my Travel Cash Card are already denominated in Euros or Dollars so you should always reject this option.
If you don't reject this the merchant will charge you a fee to convert your money into GB Pounds. Your my Travel Cash Card is designed to help you avoid these hidden merchant and banking charges.

How are returned goods credited?

Stores will process returned goods in the same way they handle any other goods bought using a MasterCard card and subsequently returned. They may credit your my Travel Cash Card, provide a cash refund or a credit note.

How do I get my money back at the end of my trip?

It is easiest to leave the money on your card for your next trip and top up further as needed. If you do wish to withdrawal your remaining balance you can do so at an ATM either abroad or when you return home. If you use an ATM when you get home and receive the balance in Pounds there will be a 2.5% fee. See Terms and Conditions

We can also return the balance to the payment method you used to buy the funds. If you have a balance of at least €10 or the equivalent we will refund the unused funds on request. Contact Us via the details our web site. There will be a small redemption fee of €6 or $8 (see Terms and Conditions) and the refund will take place within 30 days from the latest transaction date at our current exchange rate.

Can I use a my Travel Cash Card in any country?

Absolutely. The my Travel Cash Card will work world-wide, however you will be subject to a fee for any purchases not made in the card currency, and these transactions will be converted to the card currency at a MasterCard determined exchange rate.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes, you must notify us a soon as possible by signing into your online account and updating the necessary sections or by calling us.

Can I cancel my Card?

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service, you have a legal right to cancel your my Travel Cash Card up to 14 days after you receive it. You also have the right to cancel your card at any time after this period, subject to cancellation and redemption fees. See Terms and Conditions

What happens when my Card expires?

Your my Travel Cash Card will be valid for 3 years. We will send you a new card prior to expiry if you have use the card within the 6 months before its expiry.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Your my Travel Cash Card should be treated like cash. You must guard it's safety and prevent its use by anyone else. You must treat the PIN as confidential.

If the card is lost or stolen tell us immediately online via our website, or via our Customer Services. You can also text us from your registered mobile phone, sending CARD STOP LOST or CARD STOP STOLEN to +44 7786 200690. We will then cancel your card, prevent further transactions and begin our invetigations. We will provide a replacement card and transfer any unused balance pending the results of our investigations. A fee may apply for replacement cards, please refer to our terms and conditions.

For convenience you may with to purchase and have an additional card with you. We can then transfer any unused funds on to your second card.

How much does the my Travel Cash Travel Card cost?

The my Travel Cash Card represents excellent value for money. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees when spending in the card currency, and no currency conversion commissions when loading funds. A small transaction fee does apply when using ATM's. Where fees are unavoidable, we have minimised these to help you enjoy your stay with us. Please see the What Does it Cost section of our website or cardholder Terms of Conditions.

If you have any more questions about your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard please contact us. Click here for contact details.

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