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Summer Holidays Are Good For You

Published on: June 27, 2014

Research shows summer is beneficial for your health – the perfect excuse to make the most of it and book a holiday in the sun!
Summer helps you eat better
A warmer environment coupled with increased availability of summer fruits makes it easier to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
Many summer berries, such as blackcurrants and strawberries, are high in Vitamin C and contain phytochemicals, whose antioxidant properties can help prevent chronic illnesses.
Summer fruits also help boost the immune system and because of their low calorie content can help with weight loss. Calorie intake as whole is actually generally lower in summer because increased body temperature makes us less likely to reach for the sugary and fatty comfort food we use in the winter to stave off the cold.
Summer encourages you to exercise
Everyone likes to get fit for summer and it’s the perfect time to begin an exercise programme. The feel-good factor created by sunlight boosts our enthusiasm to begin a fitness regime. Exercise is not only the most effective way to burn up excess calories, but also improves the vital flow of oxygen to the brain, lowering stress levels and improving powers of concentration.
Studies have shown that summer is good for your cardiovascular health and your waistline, lowers your cortisol levels and your blood pressure and may aid in recovery from diseases.
Summer can help you live longer
Researchers wanted to know if there were ways to improve the men’s longevity. A survey conducted looking at 12,000 men between ages 35 and 57 found that men who go on holiday every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 percent.
Summer can give you more energy
Experts have proved that people had more energy and felt more satisfied with life on holiday. Researchers have shown that summer holidays contributed to a more positive mind set and dramatically lower levels of clinical depression.