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Our cards suit many different types of customer, see who uses our cards and what our customers say



From families to couples to groups of friends you could save money on holiday by choosing a my Travel Cash Card.

Know what you are spending by locking in your exchange rate before you travel with the Euro or US Dollar Currency Card.

Avoid ATM fees* when withdrawing your cash abroad.

Chip & PIN protection and 24/7 Customer Service offer peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Students & Gap Years

Students & Gap Years

Whether you are studying abroad or taking time out to travel the world make the most of your travel money with great exchange rates and by avoiding ATM fees while you are abroad*.

An easy way to budget when you are travelling, load only what you want to spend and then top up with extra funds from home if necessary.

Enjoy yourself knowing your money is Chip & PIN protected with 24/7 Lost & Stolen assistance.



Convenient whether you travel frequently for business or pleasure.

If you travel to many different countries, the Multi-Currency Card gives you a competitive rate whatever currency you need.

Valid for up to 3 years, just top up your card and go, plus the mobile app lets you manage your money on the go.

Help make your money go further with 1% cashback on all purchases.

Why our customers love us

Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received recently and we would like to thank our customers for their support and positive comments

We really are committed to providing better travel money products and always welcome feedback from our customers. If you would like to get in touch please use the feedback form.

Colin Barr

Finds it easy to track his spending with his card
“We sometimes go to Majorca for a month at a time. my Travel Cash is so handy when I need to take a lot of cash safely1 when no safes are available in the villa.
So glad I have a my Travel Cash Card!!!!”

Daniel Farrar

Enjoys the cashback feature of the card
“The card is so easy to use and it’s a great addition to my wallet.”

Donna Roberts

Uses the card when travelling with her partner
“The card was easy to load and use. The website and app were brilliant. I will always use my Travel Cash in future.”

Fiona Jamieson

Took her card on a cruise visiting Europe and North Africa
“Thanks for saving me all the hassle involved when you have to exchange sterling into different currencies then back again after the hols, will never need to do that again!”

Fraser Russell

His card makes travelling hassle free
“Means I did not have to travel with lots of cash, which can be risky. In days gone by I would’ve used travellers cheques, but they’re a hassle to bank. Can easily lift money from ATM at no extra cost*. Less need to carry cash also as it can be used for purchases to earn cashback.”

Jo Waite

Is a frequent traveller
“It proved to be the most convenient way to pay for shopping and dining and is much safer1 than carrying large amounts of cash around.”

Kirsten Goodridge

Used her card on her gap year
“I love my Travel Cash, it’s a great concept, and so helpful to a long-term traveller!”

Lana Betts

Uses her card whenever she goes on holiday
“I always use my Travel Cash Card no matter where I go on holiday. I much prefer to have a card rather than cash. I feel much safer that way.”

Lesley Griffiths

Travels frequently with her partner and friends
“We have used several currency cards throughout the years but this is far better than any and so much easier to deal with at home and abroad.”

Kath Senior

Took her card to Tenerife on a family holiday
“We have just come back from a fortnight’s holiday in Tenerife and it was great to have no money worries. It is so easy to use at ATMs and for paying for items.”

Naomi Brayshaw

Used her card whilst backpacking
“It meant that I could travel to 5 different countries without the worry of having to access 5 different types of currency. Perfect for backpackers like me! No ATM fees were also very helpful in saving money*.”

Patricia Bardhaj

Used her card when visiting her family in Albania
“I use the Multi-Currency Card. We visit family in Albania and it’s helpful for a few reasons. Firstly I don’t get charged for taking out my money. Secondly, I can access money in any currency – great when we stop in another country on route to Albania or if I need Euro’s and Albanian LEK when we are away. Finally, being a prepaid card, it’s great for budgeting and you can’t spend what you don’t have but it’s easy to move money to as long as you have online access.”

Peter Angus Ross

Used his card for a round the world trip
“Just returned from a Round-World trip. Successfully used my Travel Cash to draw local currency in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Boston and Miami.”

Rachel Maddock

Takes her card when visiting her house abroad
“I have loved having a my Travel Cash Card. It is so convenient and easy to use. Accepted everywhere I needed to use it2 and I didn’t have to carry lots of cash with me.”

Robert Oliphant

Uses his card when travelling with friends
“No currency conversion charges, no hassle getting local currency, accepted nearly everywhere2.”

Ruth Martin

Took her card to France
“Used it on holiday in France, very easy to use and preferred it to using my UK debit card.”

S Pinder

Goes away with partner and friends taking his card
“Don’t have to carry loads of cash, convenience of being able to draw cash out of a post office or bank, or to purchase items virtually anywhere.2

Sarah Spencer

Is a student studying abroad and also uses her card on holiday
“Superb card no hassle, no hidden costs plus cashback a real bonus for enjoying yourself on holiday.”

Simon Oldham

Finds it easy to track his spending with his card
“Use like cash or credit card with a limit to funds that can be accessed by fraud or loss. No worries about exchange rate or hidden fees and easy to keep track of balance”

Sophie Hartnell

Used her card for her family holiday
“Travelled to America so had the US Dollar card. It was great and so easy, you don’t have to carry lots of cash and I gained a percentage of cashback on each purchase. Would highly recommend to people!”

David Stratton

Takes his card when visiting his house abroad
“I was very impressed with just how easy it was to use the card for shopping; in restaurants and for obtaining cash.”

Jane Alexander

Spends three months a year in Europe
“It is so easy to top up online towards the end of my three months away. Keep up the good work.”

John Denison

Used his card in Amsterdam
“So quick to top up and it gives you complete control.”

Colin Ball

Uses his card on his family holidays
“I have found the my Travel Cash Card really easy to load with money, very easy to withdraw cash abroad, accepted in lots of outlets abroad – and there’s cashback too! What’s not to like?”

Claire Duggan

Likes the simplicity of the card
“I was really impressed with my Travel Cash Card I found it really easy to use from the start and was an ideal way to use our money on holiday. Even came back with money left.”

Christina Cock

Uses her card for joint holidays
“Using it on joint holidays to pay for hotels and meals out – means we benefit from the cashback. It is also a very good way of monitoring ones holiday expenditure by keeping it in this separate account.”

Chris Elam

Is travelling to India
“I am going to India for a three week trip. This card will save me the hassle of long queues in banks to change travel cheques also ATM machines abound now in India, so getting money instantly without the bank charges* will be a secure1 and debt free experience.”

Cheryl Belcher

Took her card to Europe
“I felt entirely comfortable with my Travel Cash and I will most definitely use it again for my next European holiday. It was so easy to draw back credit on the card at the end of the holiday and I have heartedly recommended it to friends. Thank you my Travel Cash.”

Charles Titmuss

Uses his card on his gap year
“Travelling to multiple countries makes it easy to travel without too much cash.”

Anna Hopcroft

Uses her card whenever she goes abroad
“Would recommend this to anybody travelling abroad as you don’t have to worry about travellers cheques or cash. Just load to your card with Euros or whatever currency you will need and away you go.”

Angela McErlain

Took her card away with friends and noticed these benefits:

“1. Getting a good rate for my money.
2. Easy access to get money.
3. Able to control the amount of cash left over from your holidays.”

Andrew Douglas

Thinks his card suits all his travelling needs

“This card has been a godsend as I now no longer have to carry traveller’s cheques or cash around with me.”

Alison Byam

Is a student studying abroad

“I’m a student doing a year abroad – half a year in Austria and half in Italy. my Travel Cash Card has been a lifesaver, because it’s made it so easy for me to withdraw Euros here without having to open an Austrian bank account and pay extortionate banking fees to transfer money from account to account and has generally saved a lot of stress and hassle! The top up system online is super easy to use and really fast and withdraw my money straight away. Being able to withdraw the cash also saved me money on my rent, as paying cash is cheaper. THANK YOU <3”

Bill Allen

Uses his card on holiday in Europe

“I hardly ever use my own bank or credit cards when travelling abroad because you get royally ripped off. Instead I use the my Travel Cash Euro Currency Card whenever I travel, it’s a great product. I especially like the convenience of being able to check the balance left on my card via text message while I’m travelling. ”

Maxine MacKenzie

Bought her card to take on the family holiday

“Exceptionally user friendly website, very easy to set up a card, card arrived promptly, great exchange rates and savings on transactions!”

Sachin Zad

Took his Euro card to Italy and France on holiday

“I love going online to get my foreign currency sorted quickly knowing that I’m getting a great deal with my Travel Cash. It was really easy to load more money when we decided to stay for a few extra days and I got a great exchange rate, plus, I avoided any of the fees I would have been charged for using my bank card abroad.”

Martin West

Used his card on his honeymoon

“The my Travel Cash Card was the perfect solution for my honeymoon; a safe and hassle free way to spend and a great rate making my money go further.”

Donna Hinchcliffe

Got her card for a road trip to the Algarve

“I generally don’t use credit/debit cards as I am able to manage my funds better, so my Travel Cash was a really handy way to pay for everything along the way.
My partner and I have a card each as we often travel separately and it was really easy for my partner in the UK to load up extra funds as and when needed and we got a great exchange rate.
I will definitely use it again next time I go on holiday or visit overseas.”

Vesa Vasankari

Takes his card when he goes home

“I was back home in frosty Finland last Christmas and used the Euro Currency Card for purchasing all the Finnish treats I cannot get in London. I travel a lot in Eurozone countries and find my Travel Cash Card to be a great alternative to bank cards and their charges or exchange rates when purchasing in another currency.”

Stephen McGarry

Used his card on his honeymoon

“I used my Travel Cash on my honeymoon. My new wife and I travelled to Orlando and then spent a luxurious week cruising the Caribbean. We chose to take my Travel Cash because we could each have a card, and it was more secure than carrying cash, and just as readily accepted on our travels.”

Michael Cattell

Manages his money on his gap year

“I chose my Travel Cash as I get a great exchange rate and it’s a safe way for me to obtain small amounts of cash when I am away without the worry of carrying large amounts of cash or the hassle of traveller’s cheques. The card is topped up from my UK bank account.”

Aoiffe Bennett

Saves each time she visits her family

“I always use it when I visit my family in Ireland. It gets me a better deal when I have to pay for flights in Euros.”

Christy Rogers

Takes her card on city breaks

“We save over £100 every time we travel. It’s amazing more people don’t change money this way.”

Jack Turner

Gap year traveller

“my Travel Cash saved me money on my gap year and gave my parents peace of mind, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone travelling abroad.”

Steve Endacott

CEO “On Holiday Group”

“Having been in the holiday industry for over 20 years, my Travel Cash is the perfect way for people to take money on holiday with them. I thoroughly recommend it to all my customers.”

Mr Fergusson

Takes his card on cruises in the Med

“I feel a lot safer not carrying cash abroad and it’s great value.”

atm-banner-v2 More Bang for your Buck - 1% Cashback

A great way to take money abroad

If you don’t know which of our products is best for you just use the comparison table to find out which one is suited to your needs.
Comparison table

Comparison table

Choose the right money
product for your travels

Euro Card

US Dollar Card

Multi-Currency Card

Currency Home Delivery
I need Euros
I need US Dollars
I do not need Euro or US Dollars
I need multiple currencies
I am travelling within 5 days
I want great exchange rates
I want 1% cashback on spending
I want 24/7 assistance
Prepaid365 Awards 2015 Best EUR Travel Prepaid Card
Prepaid365 Awards 2015 Best GBP Travel Prepaid Card

*Some ATM providers may apply surcharges. Withdrawing or spending in GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee.
**Terms Apply.
1The Prepaid Card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid Card. This means that in the event that Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd becomes insolvent your funds may become valueless and unusable and as a result you may lose your money.
2my Travel Cash Cards are accepted at over 35 million merchants and over 1.9 million ATMs worldwide where the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed.