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Best Life in the World – Homecoming

Published on: December 16, 2015

Ben and Sophee Southall have completed their mission to find the Best Life in the World, sponsored by my Travel Cash. Here’s our latest update:

Ben and Sophee have finally arrived back in Blighty after 10 months away from home.

Just before their epic adventure came to an end, the curious couple decided to go out with a bang by going for a run… up a Volcano!

Mount Etna, situated in Sicily, is the tallest active volcano in Europe – in fact, it’s in an almost constant state of activity. Etna is big business for Siciliy – not only does the volcanic soil provide an excellent base on which to grow organic crops such as lemons and oranges, it’s the island’s biggest tourist attraction.

Ben said: “Sometimes these ticking time bombs suffer from some pretty bad press, but if you can put your fear of potential ash clouds, toxic gases and vaporising lava flows aside for a few hours they’re actually a mind-blowingly great place to go trekking or trail running!”

“Volcanoes hit the headlines when they’re spouting flames and fury but most of the time they’re safe, incredible places to explore. While some of these summits are easy to reach, the dangers posed by climbing an active volcano aren’t for the faint hearted.”

Mount Etna erupting at night: Marco Restivo/Demotix/Corbis

Photo credit: Mount Etna erupting at night: Marco Restivo/Demotix/Corbis

Ben scaled Mount Etna, and two weeks, later, the volcano lit up the skies of Sicily as it erupted for the first time in two years.

After Italy, came the dessert terrain of Morocco. Rather than staying in the more popular tourist cities of Marrakesh or Casablanca, Ben and Sophee headed to Chefchaoen, a mountain city inland from Tangier. It is noted for its quirky buildings and lanes, many of which have been painted in many beautiful shades of blue.

Sophee enjoyed dancing in the Sahara, exploring the spice shops and people-watching in the bustling market place. Despite travelling for 10 months and visiting some of the most incredible places on earth, Chefchaoen’s maze of blue lanes and stunning mountain views captured her heart forever.

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Before crossing over the channel and landing back in England, Sophee and Ben enjoyed a small taste of the good life in beautiful Paris.

Staying at the sublime Hotel Astor, a stunning 4 star hotel situated between the Champs Elysee and Paris’ opera district, it was a fabulous taste of luxury for the couple after a long 10 months on the road .

The couple indulged in cheese and wine tasting, enjoyed some Christmas shopping, and even visited a Burlesque show.

What have been your most interesting travel experiences, and what places have captured your heart forever while travelling? Tell us all about all it… @myTravelCash @BenSouthall