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Best Life in the World – The last leg

Published on: November 19, 2015

Ben and Sophee Southall are continuing their mission to find the Best Life in the World, sponsored by my Travel Cash. Here’s our latest update:

Ben and Sophee have reached the final leg of their epic adventure. For the last few weeks, they have been enjoying the cultural highlights of Turkey, where east meets west and Asia meets Europe, in a spectacular fusion of traditions. They have been exploring Italy, lapping up the ancient delights of history-steeped Rome, the Vatican City and Pompeii.

In their ongoing mission to find people who have the Best Life in the World, the last few weeks have provided some rather spiritual experiences for the adventurers.

Sophee enjoyed the delights of an authentic Turkish Hamam in Tokat. Speaking of her experience, she said: “From the moment I stepped into the “belly of the beast” – a vacuous marble cavern filled with warm, whirling mist – we were blanketed by a sense of spiritual serenity. This mystical vibe was enhanced by the dome-shaped ceiling, which channelled the fingers of God through its sun-kissed windows. Joined by at least a dozen other women, some accompanied by children, the experience was one of complete immersion in hot, communal air.

Sophee in the Turkish Hamam. Photo source

Sophee in the Turkish Hamam. Photo source

As well as being scrubbed, washed and massaged within an inch of her life, Sophee enjoyed the female sisterhood and celebration of diversity and beauty that the experience provided.

Surrounded by a proud display of feminine physiques, from the Rubenesque and ripped to the battle worn and big-boned, I was hypnotised by how wonderfully unique everyone was. There were dimples, wobbly bits, bingo wings, bountiful bottoms, boobs that could hide small children and breasts smaller than beestings. This was normal – diversity was normal. And it was liberating. Hidden in a hamam, I felt completely free from judgment – especially self-judgment.”

As Ben and Sophee edge closer to home, they also enjoyed la dolce vita in Italy, home of gelato, pasta and The Pope. While in Italia, they have stood under the looming presence of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, visited a dog show in Rome, listened to an address by Pope Francis in the Vatican City and been awestruck by St Peter’s Basilica, which Sophee called “the most ornately decorated spiritual site I have ever visited.”

my Travel Cash caught up with Ben in Tuscany, to hear all about his great adventure, in search of the Best Life in the World…

Travel tip: When visiting Vatican City, allow at least two or three days to be able to view all the art.