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Top tips for winter sun seekers

Published on: November 24, 2015

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s prime time for purchasing winter coats, umbrellas, and thick-knit scarves. But some would rather avoid a chilly UK winter and soak up the sun abroad instead!

Here are our top three destinations for winter sun seekers:

Thailand: With temperatures in the high 20s during December, the islands of Thailand are a perfect winter getaway. Holiday goers can experience the delicious Thai cuisine and sunbathe on white sandy beaches.

Dubai: Dubai has amazing nightlife, restaurants and shopping. It is also the perfect winter destination owing to the peak temperature being a balmy 26ºC in December. For those that need a break from the heat, head to the snow park of Ski Dubai, in the Mall of the Emirates.

Miami: With an average of eight or nine hours of steady sunshine, those seeking winter sun will love the buzz of Miami and getting a glorious tan on South Beach. Plus there’s plenty to do and see for those who want to explore the city, like visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Travelling on a budget? We’ve put together our top tips to keep in mind while planning a winter getaway:

Research your options: Before you dive headfirst into booking expensive flights, hotels and transfers, look around and see if there’s a destination or airline you didn’t consider but that could be a lot cheaper. Some airlines, for example Emirates, offer discounts on flights when you book accommodation at the same time.

Use a prepaid currency card: Keeping your holiday spends on a prepaid card means you avoid walking around with a wad of cash, running the risk of it getting lost or stolen. If something does go wrong while you’re away, the card can be cancelled and a new one sent out to you. A prepaid currency card from my Travel Cash allows you to avoid transaction fees abroad when using the card, and even offers 1% cashback on purchases so you can make a bit of money as well as dodging those extra fees*.

Consider all-inclusive and self-catering accommodation: With an all-inclusive holiday, holidaymakers don’t have to worry about sticking to a budget. However, for those that choose self-catering accommodation there is the option to buy food and cook, rather than spending money in a restaurant. Self-catering holidays can be cheaper than all-inclusive packages.

Where are you spending the winter months? Let us know via @myTravelCash.

*Some ATM providers may apply surcharges. Withdrawing or spending in GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee..