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Brits Take a Piece of Home on Holiday

  • Britons are unwilling to part with home comforts while on holiday.
  • 12 per cent of people pack toilet roll in their suitcase and 4 per cent take marmite away.
  • 34 per cent of holidaymakers always attempt to learn the local language on holiday.

You can take the people out of Britain but you can’t take the ‘Britishness’ out of people, with 64 per cent of holidaymakers admitting to taking their own tea or coffee with them on holiday, 12 per cent taking toilet roll and 4 per cent even packing a pot of marmite.

The research into holiday habits conducted by my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard®1, reveals that a massive 99 per cent of people say that they make sure they go on holiday at least once a year, but in spite of this passion for travel 56 per cent of UK holidaymakers take a reminder of home with them.

Other typically homely items in people’s suitcases include bacon (5 per cent), mustard (3 per cent) and a favourite mug (4 per cent). Bisto gravy granules, cheddar cheese, vinegar and Oxo cubes were also found to be a holiday essential for some travellers. People even admitted to packing their pillows and slippers. This trend for travelling with extra items alongside holiday necessities may explain why 20 per cent of people often exceed the luggage allowance.

Despite taking home comforts abroad, British tourists do immerse themselves in different cultures with an impressive 34 per cent per cent of tourists saying they always attempt to learn some of the local language of their holiday destination.

The research reveals France (84 per cent) and Spain (87 per cent) as the most popular holiday destinations for Britons.

Kuba Zmuda, Director of Product Portfolio Management at my Travel Cash, said: “We wanted to get an insight into holiday trends. From our research, we discovered that taking reminders of home on holiday is becoming increasingly popular, with most people stating they pack typically homely items in their luggage.

“Buying smaller, non-essential items abroad, such as tea bags and coffee, is made easier with a prepaid travel card. When making ATM withdrawals or paying for purchases on cards, holidaymakers should always pay in the local currency. The my Travel Cash Cards don’t charge any ATM withdrawal fees2 for using the cards abroad, or for making point of sale transactions. Customers also benefit from a 1% cashback on all purchases made.”

Kuba continues, “Our research also revealed that many are choosing to be thrifty when finding a holiday, with 62 per cent of people booking their flights and accommodation online, rather than via a high street travel agent. This is an increasingly popular way to organise a break. As flights are likely to make up a large chunk of the cost of a summer holiday, it can be cheaper to book flights and accommodation separately, and hunt down the cheapest airfare.”

Top 10 home comforts:

  1. Teabags (43 per cent)
  2. Coffee (20 per cent)
  3. Biscuits (12 per cent)
  4. Toilet Roll (12 per cent)
  5. Sugar/sweetener (11 per cent)
  6. Bacon (5 per cent)
  7. Marmite (4 per cent)
  8. Baked Beans (3 per cent)
  9. Mustard (3 per cent)
  10. Ketchup (2.5 per cent)

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1Survey conducted by my Travel Cash of 490 UK adult respondents in November and December 2014. The survey allowed respondents to pick more than one answer.
2Some ATM providers may apply additional surcharges. Withdrawing GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee.