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Up to £20 Extra Travel Money This April

We’re giving you the chance to get up to £20 extra spending money on your my Travel Cash Card this April

Claim your extra travel money now

Until 30 April 2015 make sure you use the voucher code April2015 when you order a new card or top up your existing card to claim extra spending money on your card.

Simply enter the code April2015 and top up:

  • £500-£999.99 to get £5 extra travel money
  • £1,000-£1,499.99 to get £10 extra travel money
  • £1,500 or more to get £20 extra travel money


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A Great Deal on your Travel Money

A my Travel Cash Card gives you great exchange rates, 1% cashback on purchase made using the card, no fees for withdrawing your cash abroad*, 24/7 Customer Services and more.


Make your money go further when you travel, pack a my Travel Cash Card and claim your cashback by entering the voucher code April2015 when you order or top up before 30 April!


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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the voucher code April2015:

1. This voucher code offer is made available by WEX Europe Limited to be used in conjunction with loads to my Travel Cash Card (“Eligible Card”) in the circumstances set out in clause 2 only.  When the voucher code is used validly then a fixed amount of cashback in specified currency of the card shall be applied to the relevant Eligible Card in accordance with these voucher code terms and conditions.

2. An Eligible Card Load is a minimum load amount of £500 applied online to an Eligible Card in the following circumstance: New and existing Eligible Card loads. (“Eligible Card Load”).

3. This voucher code offer is limited to 1 use per Eligible Card.

4. The voucher code will be valid until 30 April 2015. You will not be able to use it after this date.

5. For cashback to be applied you will need to enter your voucher code online when requesting the Eligible Card Load.

6. If you use a credit card for the Eligible Card Load then the applicable credit card charge (please see the relevant terms and conditions for the Eligible Card) will be calculated on the Eligible Card Load value only and not any cashback amount.

7. The cashback will automatically be added to your Eligible Card when the Eligible Card Load is successfully processed. In some circumstances it may take a few hours to show on the account associated with your Eligible Card.

8. The fixed cashback amount which will be applied to your Eligible Card shall be:

Card Ordered/Held Multi-Currency Eligible Card Euro Currency Eligible Card US Dollar Currency Eligible Card
Eligible Card Load between £500 and £999.99 – Cashback value received £5 €7 $8
Eligible Card Load between £1,000 to £1,499.99 – Cashback value received £10 €13.50 $15
Eligible Card Load of £1,500 or more – Cashback value received £20 €27.50 $29

9. The Eligible Card Load and the application of the cashback in accordance with these voucher code terms and conditions shall be treated as two separate loads and consequently you will have carried out the maximum number of loads allowed in 1 day. This means you will be unable to make any further loads to your Eligible Card on the day of use of this voucher code.

10. Cashback received in accordance with this voucher code cannot be exchanged or transferred and cannot be redeemed as cash or in any other form.

11. This offer is not applicable to any Home Currency Delivery orders.

12. This offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time in whole or in part without prior notice. Use of the voucher code shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.

*Some ATM providers may apply surcharges. Withdrawing GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee.