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UK’s Most Extravagant Holidaymaker Revealed: The 25-Year-Old Scottish Male

  • Scotland based travellers revealed to be biggest holiday spenders
  • Holidaymakers from Wales are the most careful with their travel cash
  • Travellers aged between 20 and 29 flash the most cash abroad
  • Men spend more than women when they holiday

Where we are from influences how free we are with our holiday spending, according to new research from my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard®.* Examining the spending habits of its UK customers, the prepaid currency card provider identified the 25-year-old Scottish male as the archetype of Britain’s most extravagant tourist. The research also revealed strong correlations between where people live and where they like to holiday.

Nationwide, men are spending more currency than women, with 20 to 29-year-old males accounting for nearly a third of all my Travel Cash transactions in total. The most popular venues for spending were restaurants, with a single transaction accounting for several thousands, taking place in a luxury New York eatery.

Just pipping Londoners to the post, travellers based in Scotland topped the bill as the biggest holiday spenders and their most popular destination of choice being the United States of America. Travellers from Wales were the most careful with their travel cash spending the least.

The destination of choice for over one in five holidaymakers from Essex was Spain. Across the Thames, Paris topped the bill as the favourite holiday hotspot for travellers from Kent. Not just blowing their Euros on France’s finest cheese and wine, however, transport is one of the most costly expenses for tourists in Paris, suggesting Brits like to get a feel for the city as a whole, rather than just the central tourist landmarks.

Living up to their reputations as major university cities, the majority of spend from Bristolians and Cardiffians is likely to be students embarking on that all-important gap year, as South East Asian destinations like Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam topped the list for the majority of spenders in the 20-29 age range. Spend on food and drink in these destinations was significantly lower than other countries, suggestive of the lower cost of living in South East Asia.

Meanwhile, up north, my Travel Cash noticed a spike in people heading from Leeds to ski lodges, as winter sports destinations comprised the top holiday destinations for 30% of Loiners. Whereas, Mancunians opted for long-haul luxury, with places like the United Arab Emirates among the top ten destinations of choice.

Myles Stephenson, CEO of my Travel Cash, said: “The research has given us really interesting insights in to the different destinations of choice for holidaymakers in the UK along with their spending habits. Whatever they are choosing to spend their hard earned cash on, my Travel Cash Prepaid Currency Cards are an easy way to carry money abroad.”

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Notes to Editors:
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*Research based on aggregated data from my Travel Cash Cardholders from 1 January to 27 October 2014.