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When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon a Star is a small charity based in the East Midlands whose primary aim is to grant the Wishes of children suffering from life threatening illnesses. Since the charity started in 1990, it has granted over 14,500 wishes for some very brave and courageous children and their families.

As you know, all children have Wishes, but for the children and families the charity supports, that Wish is so much more precious. Each Wish brings with it the opportunity to look forward to something very special, to forget about their often painful treatments and to simply be a child for the day, creating special treasured memories.

The money raised and donated goes towards granting these special Wishes. For some it is an exciting trip to Disneyland in Florida, for others it is a chance to meet their favourite sporting hero or pop star. Some children Wish to be a fairy princess or soldier for the day, whilst others would simply like a laptop to keep in contact with their school friends whilst in hospital.

One of the biggest highlights for the Charity is taking hundreds of Wish children on a very magical trip to Lapland to meet the real Father Christmas. The charity could not organise such trips without your help!

If you would like to find out more about When You Wish Upon A Star please visit: www.whenyouwishuponastar.org.uk

To donate your cashback to When You Wish Upon A Star - log onto your account, go to the 'View Card Details' section and select 'Manage Cashback'. You will then be able to choose where you would like your cashback paid to, your card or a charity. Your choice will take effect from the next month – the money will automatically be paid to the charity on your behalf.

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