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A great way to take money abroad

The below table compares different forms of travel money. Exchanging currency at the airport, buying travellers cheques or using your bank debit or credit card are all common ways to spend or take money abroad, so have a look below to see what each of them offers in terms of convenience, value and safety.

I want to have... my Travel Cash
Credit Card*
Travelex American Express
Traveller’s Cheques**
1% Cashback  tick
1% unlimited cashback on everything you buy with your card


No ATM fees abroad***  tick
No ATM fees charged by us when you withdraw cash abroad
2.75% Foreign Currency Charge plus cash advance fee plus interest if not paid off in full

No transaction fees  tick
Only for Euro and US Dollar cards where transactions are in that currency
2.75% Foreign Currency Charge plus interest if not paid off in full
Some establishments (primarily outside of the U.S.) and some banks may charge a fee
An easy delivery option tick
Card delivered to your door within 1-3 working days (terms apply)
Take it with you when you travel
Pick up from a specified location or sent free if you order more than £500
Budgeting tick
Spend only what you load on to the card
Limited by amount of available credit
Limited by the value of Travellers Cheques purchased
A safe way to access my money tick
Chip & PIN secure plus Lost & Stolen service
Chip & PIN secure plus Lost & Stolen service
Signature required plus Lost & Stolen service
Convenience tick
Withdraw cash at over 1.9m ATMs or use at over 35m merchants
Withdraw cash at ATMs or use at merchants
Can be used in many locations around the world or exchanged for local currency
Use in multiple currencies tick
Multi-Currency Card transaction fee is 2.99%
2.75% Foreign Currency Charge plus interest
Exchanged for local currency at banks, foreign exchange bureaux and American Express Travel Service locations


* Information sourced from comparison table on www.natwest.com.
** Information sourced from www.travelex.co.uk and based on American Express Travellers Cheques.
    Information correct as of
***Some ATM providers may apply additional surcharges. Withdrawing GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee.

If you still want to take currency with you then don't forget our currency home delivery service gives you...

  • 20 different foreign currencies
  • A great exchange rate compared to the airport
  • Next day deliveryi
  • Saturday delivery optioni
  • Schedule delivery up to 7 days after order has been placedi

(iterms apply, click here for full details)