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Key Card Benefits

No ATM fees abroad – we don’t charge you ATM fees*

Why should you pay ATM fees when you withdraw your money abroad? That's what we thought, so we don’t charge you ATM fees when you use your my Travel Cash Card. Use your card to withdraw cash at over 1.9 million ATMs worldwide, wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed, so you no longer need to carry a large sum of cash to avoid paying fees for making cash withdrawals.

Unlimited 1% cashback on card purchases

You will receive 1% cashback when you use your my Travel Cash Card to pay for purchases i.e. for Point-Of-Sale transactions. Paid directly on to your prepaid card the following month, our prepaid currency cards are an easy way for you to get back some of the money you spend on holiday.

Just think, every time you use your card to pay for shopping, meals out, trips, drinks or at any of the 35 million locations worldwide where MasterCard cards are accepted you could be earning cashback.

Please note that purchases made using the Multi-Currency Card in the currency of the card (Sterling) incur a 2.99% fee and that cashback is not paid on cash withdrawals so make sure you pay using your card as much as possible. The amount of cashback you can earn is only limited by the amount you spend!

24/7 Customer Services Support

Our Customer Services team are happy to help you at any time no matter how big or small your issue is.

No matter where you are in the world and what time zone, you can rest assured that should you need support with your my Travel Cash card we are at the end of the telephone to assist you.

Please visit our contact us page to find out how to get in touch.

*Although we don’t charge you ATM fees, some ATM providers may apply their own surcharges. These should be made clear to you before you withdraw your cash. Withdrawing GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency Card incurs a 2.99% fee. Back to products page