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Our Customers

Ordering and using our foreign currency products is much easier than most people think - did you know that if you spent a few minutes ordering one of our currency cards now then all you would have to do is top up before you travel for the next 3 years? It really is that simple.

We’ve found that different types of travellers get different benefits from using our products so have a look at the pages below to find out why our customers love us.

Who are our customers?

Are you a holidaymaker or a student? Do you go away once a year or travel regularly to multiple destinations? Whoever you are and whatever your travel money needs we have a foreign currency product to suit you…

Customer testimonials

We know there are lots of ways to exchange foreign currency, but we pride ourselves on offering great value travel money and easy-to-use products. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what other people say…

A great way to take money abroad

If you still use travellers cheques or change your travel money at the airport then you should have a look at how these compare to our currency cards and currency home delivery service…