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Who are our customers?

There are many reasons why our currency cards offer both convenience and fantastic value for money. We’ve found that different types of travellers use our products for different reasons, so, we’ve put together some examples below to show you how.



You could save money before you go on holiday by taking advantage of our great exchange rates with no commission, so you’ll have more to spend while you’re away.

Business travellers

frequent traveller

Our currency cards are a great way to manage your expenses when abroad, giving you the benefits of a MasterCard card but without the transaction charges. Finance Directors love the fact that they’re in control of your spending too. Plus there’s no need for receipts either as all transactions are logged in your account, so you just print off what you need.

Frequent travellers

frequent traveller

Our currency cards are valid for three years so, once you've got yours, just top up before you travel, or even while you're there. Plus, you can withdraw cash from any of the 1.9 million ATMs worldwide, meaning you have instant access to cash without having to carry it around or store it somewhere (all cards are Chip & PIN secure)



An easy way to budget when you're travelling. Once your money is gone, you can always ask mum and dad to put a little extra on the card in case you need it.


Great exchange rates on our travel money service, available in 20 currencies and delivered the next day, straight to your door* (terms apply)