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Welcome to our media section. Below you will find articles written about us and our products in various publications and websites. You will also find articles relating to travel and foreign currency news as well as radio coverage featuring Myles Stephenson, our CEO.

  • ARTICLE: my Travel Cash recommended by which.co.uk


    my Travel Cash prepaid card scraps ATM fees and offers cashback - an excellent all-round prepaid card for use abroad.

    Prepaid card provider my Travel Cash is seeking to revolutionise the prepaid card market with the removal of fees and the addition of an unlimited 1% cashback deal.

    From today (14 June) my Travel Cash has removed foreign ATM fees from its range of Euro, US Dollar and Multi-Currency prepaid cards for new and current customers. This will make my Travel Cash one of the few providers (including Caxton FX) that do not charge a fee for loading the card or a foreign ATM fee.

    The Euro and Dollar prepaid cards do not charge a foreign loading fee either for use in a country with the same currency. However, there is a foreign loading fee of 2.99% if they are used elsewhere. The Multi-Currency card charges a flat 2.99% fee for use in the UK. There is also a £2 inactivity fee if the card is not used for 12 months.

    1% cashback The cards also include 1% cashback on all purchases, which is paid in the currency of the prepaid card a month after the transaction. Cashback is not earned on ATM withdrawals.

    How does the exchange rate on prepaid cards compare with debit and credit cards? Recent Which? Money research found that the exchange rate on the Euro and Dollar my Travel Cash prepaid cards was very competitive. We checked the exchange rate on three consecutive days at the beginning of March and found the exchange rates offered on the Euro and Dollar prepaid cards matched some of the most competitive rates offered on debit and credit cards.

    The Which? Money verdict Dan Moore, Which? travel money expert, commented: 'The My Travel Money Euro and Dollar prepaid cards offer a competitive option for use abroad. It will be interesting to see if other prepaid card providers follow suit. Additionally the exchange rate seems as competitive as some of the best options for debit and credit cards and there is 1% cashback on purchases.'

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    Source: which.co.uk
    Date: 14 June 2011

  • ARTICLE: my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® Recognised at the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Portal Awards 2011

    yahoo news

    Identifying the best in class in the UK, the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards are judged solely by consumers and focus on consumer perceptions of what they desire with a prepaid card programme and provider. Over 37,000 consumers voted, declaring my Travel Cash as runner up in the Best Website category.

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    Source: Yahoo News
    Date: 28 April 2011

  • ARTICLE: Does the My Travel Cash Card End The Stag Do Blues?

    people losing their money and possessions on their stag weekends abroad.
    13th September 2011

    We brought you news just the other week about the sheer numbers of people losing their money and possessions on their stag weekends abroad and naughty us, we never suggested a solution to these problems. Well, if you leave your iPhone in some sticky underground club in Prague there’s not much we can do about it, but when it comes to your pennies, we reckon there’s a solution at last to safeguard your beer dollar on your stag weekend.

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    Source: www.thestagcompany.com
    Date: 13th September 2011

  • ARTICLE: The Best Cards for Spending Abroad!

    best cards for spending abroad

    If you’re off on holiday soon, a prepaid currency card is a great item to have in your wallet. Here, we take a closer look at some of the best ones on the market.

    My honeymoon is only a couple of months away now, so I’m already starting to think about how much money I should take with me.

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    Source: lovemoney.com
    Date: 16 March 2011

  • ARTICLE: Don't Leave Without...

    Jewish chronicle

    SPRING is in the air and for some this means it is time explore the great outdoors. For young families this can be a bit of a trek. The age-old problem of how to carry all the essentials, the baby and toddler is a concern. LittleLife offers some interesting solutions

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    Source: The Jewish Chronicle
    Date: 4 March 2011

  • ARTICLE: Travel doctor...

    travel doctor - the times

    Prepaid cards work like pay-as-you-go mobile phones - you top them up with credit, then withdraw money from cash points or use them to make purchases. One you might consider is the My Travel Cash prepaid MasterCard Multi-Currency Card (mytravelcash.com), which has a 1.5 per cent transaction charge and a £1 ATM withdrawal fee. If you'd like to lock into a favourable exchange rate before you go...

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    Source: The Times
    Date: 12 February 2011

  • ARTICLE: Useful websites for your money planning

    Useful websites for your money planning

    Featured in both the Sunday Mirror and mirror.co.uk, the article talks about the three different prepaid MasterCard cards and the fact that "cardholders can save up to £40 on exchange rates compared with normal debit and credit cards, without paying commission". Another benefit that is highlighted is about the fact that "the cards are not linked to your bank account, increasing security"

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    Source: mirror.co.uk
    Date: 6 February 2011

  • ARTICLE: Top Tips for Bargain Breaks

    top tips for bargain breaks
    Insider info on how to save money when you go away

    Get a competitive rate on foreign currency. A Travel Cash card (mytravelcash.com), preloaded with sterling or foreign currency, offers a better rate than bank cards or bureaux de change: no commission charge and lower withdrawal rates at ATMs abroad. Don't even look in the hotel mini bar, let alone sample its contents - and make sure you tell children, who might otherwise assume the goodies are there for the taking.

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    Source: allaboutyou.com
    Date: 2 February 2011

  • ARTICLE: Nationwide to remove commission-free service on Flexaccount

    Consumers face higher overseas card charges
    20 September 2010

    This article talks about the costs associated with using debit cards abroad, highlighting that from the 1 November 2010 Nationwide will levy a 2% charge on transactions, whether you are buying something or taking money out of cash machines, as well as a £1 cash-withdrawal fee when the card is used overseas. It also mentions that most other current account debit cards now charge cardholders each time they are used for either purchases or to withdraw currency abroad - up to £4 for every £100 spent, and that these charges are on top of the exchange costs and any additional fees.

    Money Which? editor James Daley says "What's difficult for consumers is that the fees are not visible on statements…there is an initial fee which may be worked into the exchange rate, then transaction fees which do appear on your statement, but you can be paying £20 or £30 more for a short trip abroad, just to get hold of your money". The article also states that some consumers travelling abroad for work or business may find credit cards or pre-loaded foreign currency cards may offer better value for making purchases abroad.

    Source: BBC news
    Date: 20 September 2010

  • ARTICLE: Top tips to save cash this summer

    Miami beach - flickr Creative commons licence.
    Top tips to save cash this summer
    16 July 2010

    A recent article in The Sunday Times highlighted several ways to save money when going abroad this summer, one of which was to use a prepaid card:

    "Pre-paid cards are available in a range of foreign currencies, with the Euro and Dollar the most common. The exchange rate is fixed at the time of loading and they are not linked to a bank account, so there is less chance of fraud if they are lost or stolen"

    Source: www.timesplus.co.uk (featured in The Sunday Times - subscription required)
    Date: 16 July 2010

  • ARTICLE: Fly off for sun and savings

    Image from The Mail Online article.
    The Mail Online: Money
    10 July 2010

    According to the Daily Mail, increasing hotel and restaurant prices in Britain have meant it can be cheaper to holiday at some locations across Europe, even after paying for plane tickets. The recent recovery of the pound against the Euro and US dollar has come at a perfect time for those wishing to go abroad over the summer holidays but further savings can be made when it comes to buying your travel money.

    As one of the major providers, my Travel Cash currency cards were featured in the article: "Prepaid chip and PIN cards are growing in popularity among holidaymakers and are a convenient and secure way to use currency. Cash is loaded on to the card in advance… The cards then work in a similar way to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone in that money comes off the balance whenever you spend on the card or make a withdrawal from a cash machine, but you cannot spend more than has been loaded. Prepaid cards are accepted in many shops and restaurants, making them convenient. They are also secure as the card is not linked to your bank account. If a card is lost or stolen you lose only the cash on the card. If reported quickly, the account can be frozen, with most providers transferring the lost balance on to a replacement card"

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    Source: www.dailymail.co.uk (featured in The Mail Online)
    Date: 10 July 2010

  • INTERVIEW: my Travel Cash and ABTA discuss holiday money worries

    In this radio broadcast, Sean Tipton of ABTA and Myles Stephenson of mytravelcash.com, discuss peoples holiday spending worries. The discussion highlights the key benefits of prepaid mastercards and their growing popularity.


    Source: Markettiers and externally hosted by audioboo.fm
    Length: 4 minutes and 35 seconds
    Date: 9th July 2010

  • ARTICLE: my Travel Cash prepaid MasterCard cards, named as good value by the Guardian and Which?

    Image from The Guardian article.
    The Guardian: Money
    3rd July 2010

    In an article on the Guardian website, my Travel Cash cards were named as good value when compared to other methods of taking money abroad. The article highlights the increasing popularity of using a prepaid currency card for foreign exchange, in light of the convenience, security and savings that can be made by using one. Raffick Marday of Compare Prepaid is quoted saying:

    "In general, travel money cards give you a better exchange rate than other travel money providers, on average 8% better than exchanging at airports, 4% better than travellers cheques and 5% better than a bureau de change"

    The article also explains how easy it is to use the cards:

    "The deal with prepaid chip and pin cards is that you load up with currency before you go (normally a choice of euros, dollars or sterling), rather like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, and then use it abroad to pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

    You cannot spend more than the balance on the card, so they are useful in helping people stick to a budget. Prepaid travel money cards can also be easily reloaded online (handy for parents whose gap-year kids run out of money), by phone and in some cases by text message."

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    Source: www.guardian.co.uk (featured in Guardian Money)
    Date: 6th July 2010

  • ARTICLE: Summer holiday boost as Euro weakens against the Pound

    Image from The Mail Online article.
    Mail Online: Money
    30 June 2010

    Holiday destinations with the Euro have often been eye-wateringly expensive during the credit crunch so families jetting away this summer will enjoy the news that the Pound has hit a 19-month high against the Euro.

    Sterling's surge in value to 1.24 Euros – the highest exchange rate since November 2008 - means the average family could save £700 on a Mediterranean break compared with 12 months ago.

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    Source: www.dailymail.co.uk (featured in The Mail Online)
    Date: 30 June 2010

  • ARTICLE: £800M lost in holiday currency

    Image from The Express.co.uk
    The Express.co.uk: UK News
    24 June 2010

    Nine out of ten people questioned in a survey admitted they did not change leftover foreign notes and coins despite bringing an average of £24 each back with them.

    Almost 50 per cent of the respondents said they planned to use it on their next holiday but a third of those who did keep money for another trip said they forgot to take it with them when they went.

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    Source: www.express.co.uk (featured in The Express.co.uk)
    Date: 24 June 2010

  • ARTICLE: Weigh over budget

    Image from The News Of The World.
    News Of The World: News
    13 June 2010

    As the cost of flights increases on some low-cost airlines, Bob Atkinson of travelsupermarket shares his tips to help you save:

    • Never use credit cards. Beat the booking fees with an Electron or prepaid Mastercard card
    • Check in early to avoid seat selection costs
    • Only take hand baggage if possible
    • Always check the TOTAL flight cost. Airlines with a higher basic price may still be cheaper overall.

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    Source: www.newsoftheworld.co.uk (featured in the News Of The World)
    Date: 13 June 2010

  • ARTICLE: How to cash in on slump in the Euro

    Image from The Daily Mail.
    The Mail Online: Money
    12 June 2010

    Holidaymakers planning a trip to Europe this summer have been given a welcome spending boost this month. A mini-slump in the value of the Euro over the past fortnight means that savvy travelers have the option to lock into generous exchange rates in advance of their trip, increasing their holiday spending power.

    Continuing fears of long-term financial problems in Europe drove the pound to an 18-month high against the Euro last week. Sterling has gained ten per cent over the past three months, with the rise accelerating since mid-May.

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    Source: www.dailymail.co.uk (featured in The Mail Online)
    Date: 12 June 2010

  • ARTICLE: Prepaid currency cards: The new way to spend your cash abroad

    Image from The Telegraph article.
    The Telegraph: Travel
    25th Jan 2010

    'Prepaid currency cards are safe, simple to use and can save you money when you are abroad on holiday', that's according to an article in the Daily Telegraph.

    According to the Daily Telegraph, with a prepaid currency card, you could get 'a 10 per cent discount …with planning and basic web-savvy… if you currently buy your spending money in high street or airport bureaux de change. Even habitual credit and debit-card travellers could secure savings of about five per cent.'

    In the Telegraph's opinion, prepaid foreign currency cards like my Travel Cash ‘combine the budgeting advantage of travellers' cheques with the flexibility and security of a credit card.'

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    Source: www.telegraph.co.uk (featured in The Sunday Telegraph)
    Date: 25th January 2010