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Disbursement Cards

Prepaid disbursement cards allow our clients to simply and effectively distribute fees, commissions and payments to their customers and in doing so replace manual paper intensive processes and improve the control as well as the information available.

Fee disbursements can cover many different industry sectors including the incentive, affiliate network and insurance claim markets as well as customer service refunds and rebates. Prepaid disbursement cards provide benefits to these organisations and their customers:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce administrative processes.
  • Remove the need to use paper voucher, cheque and cash systems to disburse fees and compensation payments.
  • Easy and cost effective distribution of payments and commissions to disparate affiliate networks both domestically and internationally.
  • Improve control with access to superior information to prevent fraud and by restricting where funds can be spent.
  • Ability to set clear budgets for specific incentive or compensation projects and monitor usage.
  • Allow customers quick and easy access to funds through cash access at ATMs and widespread acceptance of the prepaid card for spending.