Corporate Pay - Services

Why CorporatePay?

We have built CorporatePay to help our clients address their current and future payment challenges.

  • Knowledge: our knowledge of prepaid cards, the broader payment card market and extensive experience in delivering payment card solutions enables us to design and deliver prepaid card programmes which allow our clients to achieve efficiencies and seize new market opportunities.
  • Execution capability: we have combined our knowledge, experience of delivering card programs and our state of the art technology with industry leading partners to ensure all aspects of a prepaid card programme can be delivered on time, on budget and to outstanding quality.
  • Client Relationships: We are focused on delivering value to our clients through our prepaid card programmes. We work with our clients in a flexible and collaborative manner to design prepaid card programmes that will transform the ways in which they currently manage payments with their employees, customers, citizens, and suppliers. With our corporate and public sector solutions we identify efficiencies and savings and work with our clients to ensure these are realised.