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Expense Cards

Prepaid expense cards can be issued to employees to replace cash advances, Per Diem allowances, reclaiming of expenses and as an alternative to corporate credit and charge cards providing a much higher degree of flexibility and customisation. Prepaid expense cards allow our clients to transform their management of expense payments:

  • Transform control:
    • Prevent overspending of employee allowances by utilising pre-set spending limits.
    • Remove unapproved spending by restricting where funds can be spent.
    • Ensure employees do not exhaust entire travel allowance prematurely by setting daily allowances.
    • Manage cash flow by “trickle feeding” allowances.
    • Set customised spending limits for each card.
    • Provide a transparent and manageable audit trail for employee expenses.
  • Reduce administration:
    • Reduce or remove employee completion of expense claim forms.
    • Improved reconciliation through access to electronic expenditure data.
    • Ease of payment to international based employees.
    • Eliminate the administration associated with paper-based expense or non-integrated processes and therefore improving reconciliation.
    • Improve tax reporting, record keeping, and controls for audit purposes by accurately recording all travel expenses.
  • Superior information
    • Improved purchasing power through easy access to expenditure in a particular category and with individual suppliers.
    • Expense benchmarking to target cost reductions.
    • Budget management – removes uncertainty of knowing how much is outstanding to employees for expenses and therefore allow proactive rather than reactive budget management.
  • Additional benefits
    • Removal of aggregate credit liability of corporate credit and charge cards.
    • Avoid expensive and repetitive foreign currency charges for overseas travel by funding the card with foreign currency.
    • The pre-paid card services require no or minimal technology integration.
    • Employee satisfaction is improved by feeling trusted with payment card and not having to fund business expenses from their own money.
    • Safer than carrying cash for employees and removes the security risk of companies handling cash and cheques.
    • Branding according local or central government requirements.