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Travel Money Cards

Prepaid cards provide an excellent opportunity to improve existing products and services. Prepaid travel money cards provide an improved alternative to travellers’ cheques and cash foreign exchange. In addition they allow businesses the opportunity to provide a foreign exchange service to their customers which otherwise may not have been achievable.

Travel money cards can be sold as an additional travel service providing additional revenue and service opportunities.

Travel money cards provide a superior product for consumers:

  • Rates are fixed when the customer buys the card as it is loaded in the foreign currency, for example Euros and US Dollars. Therefore the multiple fees incurred with credit and debit cards each time a customer transacts are avoided.
  • Widespread access to cash through ATMs abroad and broad point of sale acceptance.
  • Travel money card can be sold online enabling a cost effective sales channel.
  • Travel money cards are safer than cash. The funds can be frozen as soon as the card is reported lost or stolen and replacement cards can be provided.
  • Travel money cards can be branded with our client’s brand.