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Payroll Cards

Prepaid payroll cards allow our clients to simplify the management of its payroll system providing a ground-breaking replacement for cash and cheque payments. Prepaid payroll cards provide a wide range of benefits to employers, employees and other intermediaries such as employment agencies.

  • Employer benefits:
    • Remove payroll cash and cheque handling costs including associated costs such as fraud.
    • Remove the security risk of handling cash and cheques.
    • Reduce administration in distributing cash and cheque payments.
    • Easily extended to other employee payments such as bonuses and incentive payments.
    • More timely payments to employee especially at the end of the payroll period and at the end of casual and temporary contract periods.
    • Efficient and cost effective method to pay overseas employees by avoiding expensive international transfer costs and immediate transfer of funds to the card.
  • Employee benefits
    • Improved security and safety through the removal of cash.
    • Remove the need to use expensive cheque cashing services.
    • Reduce time spent collecting salary payments combined with quick and easy access to their salary payment.
    • Option of a secondary card to transfer money to family members.